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When a client comes to us with a project it is important for us to know exactly what the client wants and how to achieve it. We first thoroughly research the subject to provide historical accuracy and then come up with a pose. We continue to provide the client with options until a final design is selected. Next we provide a clay model to review and refine the pose. If the client wants a digital option we will then provide a computer generated 3D model which gives the client the option to review the model from multiple angles via computer. Once the pose and all accessories are approved we then proceed to enlargement and foundry process.

When production starts, we finalize a clay model. Once approved, the model is then enlarged and the clay surface is refined with full articulation of details. Re-sculpting the details can be quite extensive due to loss of resolution in the enlargement process. In addition to refining the details, minor changes or additions can be made at this stage. The next step in production is mold making, which can either be silicon rubber, fiberglass or a combination of both. Once the mold is complete, a wax pattern is made from each mold section at the desired thickness for the final bronze casting. Wax patterns also require detailing and refinement to assure accurate results and reduce time required in metal finishing.

Once the individual bronze sections are cast, they must first be cleaned and repaired from any imperfections to begin assembly. The individual pieces are tack welded, positioned, and aligned for final assembly using state of the art tig welding,to achieve accurate and durable results.The surface welds and details then have to be finished to reproduce the integrity of the original model. If the sculpture is monumental in scale an interior stainless steel support structure is welded in place to support on site installation. We pride ourselves as being the first Fine Art foundry in India to utilize modern welding and finishing techniques, meeting international standards . For our clients who have the highest standards we are able to provide museum quality results.



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Busts & Bas Relief

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3D Scanning. CNC Milling. 3D Design.

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Media & Film Clips

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Doris SandersCEO, Ranfro Valley Entertainment Center

“Artist Edward Breathitt of Intel Art 3D created and installed the monument of Old Joe Clark at Renfro Valley Entertainment Center in 2003. His work is beautifully done and perfectly depicts Old Joe Clark who was an entertainer at Renfro Valley for many years.”

Douglas M. FieldhousePresident and CEO, Vesta Corp. USA

“I have known Mr. Breathitt of Intel Art 3D and been familiar with his Art for many years. I find his work to be very appealing and compelling with its uniqueness and the high degree of detail. Indeed, every time I look at my piece, I see something new.”

Thomas I. MillerPresident, Murray State University

“Mr. Edward Breathitt of Intel Art 3D was commissioned by Murray State University to create the monumental statue of the founder of Murray State University - Dr. Rainey T.Wells. The 9-foot monument was installed in the "Quad" area on the Murray State University Campus as well as a Bronze bust of former Murray State University President, Dr. Kern Alexander, a Bronze bust of patron art Art Bauernfeind and a bronze bust of former governor Edward T. Breathitt Jr. placed at Pogue library.”

Kern AlexanderChairman, Oxford Round Table at St. Antony's College, Oxford University

“Thank you for all your good work.”

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